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About Industry Forum

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Launching a technology from bench to market (or space) is an expensive and complex endeavor, requiring specialized expertise in diverse areas of science, medicine, engineering, and business. As a federally funded entity, NSBRI is committed to ensuring that its investments in research have the broadest possible impact for the U.S. human space program as well as health on Earth.

The NSBRI Industry Forum mission is twofold: to commercialize biomedical discoveries made for space, and challenge the private sector to develop space-compatible healthcare solution.

Industry Forum Steering Council

The Industry Forum focuses on commercialization of NSBRI-funded technologies through activities such as commercialization workshops and market analysis reports. In order to engage the private sector, in 2011, the Industry Forum Steering Council launched a funding program that recruits small U.S. companies to provide medical innovations that solve the unique challenges of human spaceflight while developing new market opportunities on Earth.

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