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e-Vision Electronic Adjustable Power Eyeglasses for Space and Earth

Principal Investigator:
Anthony Van Heugten

e-Vision Smart Optics, Inc.

Astronauts experience unpredictable vision changes during long periods of exposure to micro-gravity. Having the ability to change the optical power of their glasses will allow the astronaut to make vision adjustments as needed during the course of the mission rather than carrying a large assortment of various lenses with them into space.

e-Vision Smart Optics has developed electronic reading glasses that when switched off provide the user with their distance vision correction prescription and when switched on provide the user with their reading vision “plus” optical prescription. e-Vision has also developed electronic lenses for virtual and augmented reality systems that have an analog-tunable adjustable optical power. The objective of this project is to adapt the tunable lenses from the augmented and virtual reality uses for use in spectacle lenses so that the spectacle lenses may be used to adjust for vision changes in an almost unlimited number of adjustment steps rather than only an on/off mode as in the current spectacles.