Current Projects

Clinical Outcome Metrics for Optimization of Robust Training
Douglas Ebert, Ph.D.

Comparison of Continuous Non-Invasive and Invasive Intracranial Pressure Measurement
Michael A. Williams, M.D.

Development of Predictive Degradation Models and Determination of Bioequivalence of Pharmaceutical Preparations Contained in the Medical Kits on Board the International Space Station
Lei Wu, Ph.D.

e-Vision Electronic Adjustable Power Eyeglasses for Space and Earth
Anthony Van Heugten

Robert Ritlop, M.Eng.

Feasibility of DPOAE Mapping as an In-Flight Measure of Intracranial Pressure In Space (First Award Fellowship)
Allison Anderson, Ph.D.

First Clinical Test of Feasibility of Ultrasound to Reposition Kidney Stones
Hunter Wessells, M.D.

Improving Kidney Stone Detection In Space Analogs (First Award Fellowship)
Julianna C. Simon, Ph.D.

Multi-Use Near-Infrared Spectroscopy System for Spaceflight Health Applications
Gary E. Strangman, Ph.D.

Non-Invasive Monitoring of Intracranial Pressure (ICP) with Volumetric Ophthalmic Ultrasound
Aaron Dentinger, Ph.D.

Portable Quantitative Ultrasound with DXA/QCT and FEA Integration for Human Longitudinal Critical Bone Quality Assessment
Yi-Xian Qin, Ph.D.

Prevention of Renal Stone Complications in Space Exploration
Michael R. Bailey, Ph.D.

Testing Mechanical Countermeasures for Cephalad Fluid Shifts
Gary E. Strangman, Ph.D.

The Suitability of the Vittamed Two-Depth Transcranial Doppler for the Non-Invasive Assessment of Intracranial Pressure in Astronauts Before and After Spaceflight
Eric M. Bershad, M.D.

Validation of a Cephalad Fluid Shift Countermeasure
Brandon R. Macias, Ph.D.

Wearable, Sustained Acoustic Medicine for Back Pain
George K. Lewis, Jr., Ph.D.