Previous Projects  

2014Development of Countermeasures to Aid Functional Egress from the Crew Exploration Vehicle Following Long-Duration Spaceflight
Ajitkumar P. Mulavara, Ph.D.

2012Development of Countermeasures to Enhance Sensorimotor Adaptation
Jacob J. Bloomberg, Ph.D.

2012Sensorimotor Displays and Controls to Enhance the Safety of Human/Machine Cooperation During Lunar Landing
Laurence R. Young, Sc.D.

2012Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation as an Analog of Post-Flight Sensorimotor Dysfunction
Steven T. Moore, Ph.D.

2011Modeling and Mitigating Spatial Disorientation in Low-Gravity Environments
Ronald L. Small

2011Advanced Displays for Efficient Training and Operation of Robotic Systems
Charles M. Oman, Ph.D.

2009Investigating High-Frequency Vestibular Function: A Potential Flight Diagnostic (Postdoctoral Fellowship)
Jocelyn E. Songer, Ph.D.

2009Psychophysics and Modeling of Spatial Orientation Perception (Postdoctoral Fellowship)
Paul MacNeilage, Ph.D.

2008Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation Augmented Training for Exploration-Class Missions
Steven T. Moore, Ph.D.

2008Sensorimotor Adaptation Following Exposure to Ambiguous Inertial Motion Cues
Scott J. Wood, Ph.D.

2008Neurovestibular Aspects of Short-Radius Artificial Gravity: Toward a Comprehensive Countermeasure
Laurence R. Young, Sc.D.

2008Pharmacotherapeutics of Intranasal Scopolamine
Lakshmi Putcha, Ph.D.

2008Somatosensory Suppression and Prevention of Post-Flight Reentry Disturbances of Posture and Locomotion
James R. Lackner, Ph.D.

2008Development of a Gait Adaptability Training Program as a Countermeasure for Post-Flight Locomotor Dysfunction
Jacob J. Bloomberg, Ph.D.

2007Visual Orientation, Navigation and Spatial Memory Countermeasures
Charles M. Oman, Ph.D.

2007Tactile Sensory Supplementation of Gravitoinertial References to Optimize Sensorimotor Recovery
Franklin O. Black, M.D.

2007Virtual Reality-Based Pre-Flight Astronaut 3D Navigation Training (Postdoctoral Fellowship)
Hirofumi Aoki, Ph.D.

2006Adaptation of Rodent Vestibular Hair Cell Neurotransmission in Altered Gravity (Postdoctoral Fellowship)
Sophie Gaboyard, Ph.D.

2005Modification of Eccentric Gaze-Holding
Millard F. Reschke, Ph.D.

2004Context-Specificity and Other Approaches to Neurovestibular Adaptation
Mark J. Shelhamer, Sc.D.

2004Understanding Full-Body Gaze Control During Locomotion
Jacob J. Bloomberg, Ph.D.

2004Advanced Techniques to Assess and Counter Gait Ataxia
Conrad Wall, III, Ph.D.

2004Visual Orientation and Spatial Memory: Mechanisms and Countermeasures
Charles M. Oman, Ph.D.

2004Neurovestibular Aspects of Artificial Gravity Created by Short-Radius Centrifugation
Laurence R. Young, Sc.D.

2003Pharmacological Countermeasures for Space Motion Sickness
John L. Dornhoffer, M.D.

2000Visual Orientation in Unfamiliar Gravito-Inertial Environments
Charles M. Oman, Ph.D.

2000Advanced Techniques for Assessment of Postural and Locomotor Ataxia, Spatial Orientation, and Gaze Stability
Conrad Wall, III, Ph.D.

2000Context-Specific Adaptation of Gravity-Dependent Vestibular Reflex Responses
Mark J. Shelhamer, Sc.D.

Robust Human-System Interface Design for Spaceflight-Induced Environments
Lee Stone, Ph.D.

Enhancement of Spatial Orientation Capability of Astronauts on the Lunar Surface
Rongxing (Ron) Li, Ph.D.

Validation of Assessment Tests and Countermeasures for Detecting and Mitigating Changes in Cognitive Function During Robotics Operations
Charles M. Oman, Ph.D.