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NSBRI news releases provide the latest information about the Institute's science and technology projects exploring ways to protect astronaut health on long-duration missions. These research findings impact the delivery of medical care on Earth.

News releases also cover program announcements related to funding opportunities, industry partners and educational programs.
09 Nov 2015Space institute to fund electronic adjustable power eyeglasses and a smart sleep mask

30 Oct 2015Funding Opportunity Seeks Countermeasures that Can Address the #1 Risk to Humans in Space

06 Oct 2015Space research institute awards fellowships to nine young scientists

31 Jul 2015NSBRI Soliciting For Research Proposals to Support Crew Health and Performance During Space Exploration Missions

30 Jun 2015American and German Space Institutes Partner to Perform a Trail Blazing Biomedical Research Study

21 May 2015NASA, NSBRI Select 24 Proposals to Support Crew Health of Astronauts on Deep Space Missions

19 May 2015“First In Humans” Clinical Trial Demonstrates Non-Invasive Expulsion of Kidney Stones: NSBRI-Funded Ultrasound Technology Requires No Surgery

15 May 2015Celebrating 5 Years, Ten SMARTCAP Grants, $1.5 Million Matched by Private Industry Delivering New Biomedical Products for Space and Earth: New SMARTCAP funding opportunity announced

21 Apr 2015DeBakey High School Students to learn about STEM ‘On-and-Off the Planet’

09 Mar 2015Three companies meet the ‘Vision4Mars’ Challenge with game-changing eye healthcare technologies for astronauts

06 Feb 2015Space research institute soliciting First Award applications for post-doctoral research

22 Dec 2014Light-Emitting E-Readers Before Bedtime Can Adversely Impact Sleep

26 Nov 2014Penn Medicine Team Develops Cognitive Test Battery to Assess the Impact of Long Duration Spaceflights on Astronauts’ Brain Function

06 Nov 2014Vision for Mars Challenge: A Unique Opportunity for Ophthalmology Companies

14 Oct 2014Space research institute awards fellowships to five scientists

12 Aug 2014Clinical Study to Treat Lower Back Pain On Earth May Help Astronauts in Space

31 Jul 2014NSBRI Soliciting For Research Proposals to Support Crew Health and Performance During Space Exploration Missions

22 Jul 2014Boerma Led UAMS Team to Establish NSBRI’s Center for Space Radiation Research (CSRR)

15 Jul 2014Human Exploration Research Opportunities NASA (& NSBRI) Research Announcement

06 May 2014NASA, NSBRI Select 26 Proposals to Support Crew Health on Deep Space Missions

16 Apr 2014Space institute funds eye tracking technology and software-enabled therapeutics for brain health

16 Apr 2014‘On and Off the Planet’: DeBakey High School students inspired by astronaut talks during visit to space institute

10 Mar 2014NASA Selects 10 Proposals for Unprecedented Twin Astronaut Study

06 Mar 2014NSBRI brings space biomedical research “down to Earth”: New technologies and research featured at Capitol Visitor Center March 5

28 Feb 2014Space research institute soliciting First Award Fellowship applications

05 Feb 2014Improved highway safety delivered by app developed for astronauts

10 Jan 2014Trial to test using ultrasound to move kidney stones

08 Jan 2014New funding opportunity targets small U.S. companies developing biomedical products adaptable for use in space

18 Dec 2013 New non-invasive intracranial pressure measurement device used to assess elevated brain pressure in patients may also benefit astronauts

19 Sep 2013Young scientists receive NSBRI space biomedical research fellowships

14 Aug 2013NSBRI Partnering With NASA to Reduce the Space Radiation Risks for Astronauts by Soliciting for a Center for Space Radiation Research

07 Aug 2013University of Michigan’s Rachael Seidler Named as Research Team Leader for Space Biomedical Institute

30 Jul 2013NSBRI Soliciting For Research Proposals to Support Crew Health and Performance During Space Missions

11 Jun 2013NSBRI Industry Forum Launches SMARTCAP-Accel, a Grant Funding Opportunity to Catalyze Development of Products for Spaceflight

10 Jun 2013NASA and NSBRI Present a Virtual Workshop: The Impact of Sex & Gender on Adaptation to Space

29 Apr 2013NASA, NSBRI Select 23 proposals to support crew health on missions

12 Mar 2013NSBRI Funds Cerebrotech to Accelerate Development of Brain Monitoring Device

08 Mar 2013Space research institute soliciting postdoctoral fellowship applications

01 Feb 2013NSBRI honors Space Shuttle Columbia astronauts

16 Jan 2013Lessons learned from Mars 520-day simulated missions

06 Dec 2012NSBRI names Lydic as chair of advisory council

08 Nov 2012Space research institute awards postdoctoral fellowships to four scientists

01 Nov 2012Graham Scott joins National Space Biomedical Research Institute as V.P., associate director

01 Oct 2012Students can get dose of space medicine research in NSBRI Summer Internship Program

25 Sep 2012SMARTCAP: Funding opportunity for companies with promising medical products for use on Earth, in space

14 Sep 2012September 2012 edition of NSBRI Explorer newsletter now available

09 Aug 2012NSBRI renews space life sciences graduate programs at MIT, Texas A&M

07 Aug 2012NSBRI: Congratulations to NASA and the Mars Curiosity Team

30 Jul 2012NSBRI, NASA soliciting research proposals

26 Jul 2012Space research institute awards funding to promising medical products

23 Jul 2012NSBRI mourns the loss of Sally Ride: America’s first woman in space

19 Jun 2012Seven scientists named as research team leaders for space biomedical institute

22 May 2012NASA, NSBRI select 29 proposals to support crew health on missions

23 Mar 2012NASA extends cooperative agreement with NSBRI

19 Mar 2012Space research institute honors Senator Hutchison with Pioneer Award

09 Mar 2012Space research postdoctoral fellowship program soliciting applications

06 Mar 2012NSBRI’s Bajaj wins USRA New Investigator Award

28 Feb 2012Brookhaven’s Gibbs elected to NSBRI Board of Directors

31 Jan 2012Twinkle, twinkle kidney stone: With a push you could be gone

29 Dec 2011MIT professor, former astronaut Hoffman joins NSBRI Board of Directors

20 Dec 2011NSBRI soliciting Team Leadership applications

08 Nov 2011U.S. institute wraps up data collection in Russian Mars 520-day mission simulation

06 Oct 2011Three young scientists earn space research postdoctoral fellowships

21 Sep 2011Student plant experiment takes root on International Space Station, in classrooms

16 Sep 2011Students work in space research labs during summer internships

23 Aug 2011NSBRI, NASA soliciting research proposals

02 Aug 2011Spaceflight pioneer, NSBRI researcher Dr. Joseph Brady passes away at age 89

14 Jul 2011NSBRI selects proposals to support crew health on missions

23 Jun 2011Space research gives birth to new ultrasound tools for health care in orbit, on Earth

31 May 2011NSBRI, Center for Space Medicine moving to new facility

26 May 2011America’s first doctor in space honored by Baylor College of Medicine

29 Apr 2011Research institute honors spaceflight pioneer Dr. Joseph Brady

13 Apr 2011Space research institute soliciting postdoctoral fellowship applications

17 Feb 2011Space research institute names new class of postdoctoral fellows

03 Feb 2011Johns Hopkins’ Berkowitz, Hienz to help lead space research teams

12 Nov 2010Internships link college students with space research

27 Sep 2010NSBRI’s Sutton receives NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal

22 Sep 2010Space-age device to deliver more efficient health care on Earth and above

24 Aug 2010System uses electrical trickery on the brain to induce realistic spaceflight effects

23 Jul 2010NSBRI/NASA soliciting research proposals

08 Jul 2010Nineteen students explore health in space through research internship

23 Jun 2010Postdoctoral Fellowship Program soliciting applications

03 Jun 2010520-Day Mars Mission Simulation: U.S. study looks at impact of stress and fatigue on performance

22 Apr 2010NASA, NSBRI Select Proposals to Support Health on Space Missions

14 Apr 2010To sleep or not to sleep? Math software to help plan astronaut, shift worker schedules

01 Feb 2010Space research institute selects young scientists for fellowships

09 Dec 2009Astronaut balancing act: Training to help explorers adapt to a return to gravity

02 Dec 2009Four butterflynauts emerge on Space Station

16 Nov 2009Butterflies in Space education project launches to Space Station

14 Oct 2009Internships focus on Earth benefits of space research

15 Sep 2009Space-related radiation research could help reduce fractures in cancer survivors

20 Jul 2009Eighteen students launch into space research internship

13 Jul 2009105-Day Mars Simulation: U.S. studies focus on improving work performance

09 Jun 2009NSBRI Postdoctoral Fellowship Program soliciting applications

29 Apr 2009Star Trek-like technology offers noninvasive monitor for patients and athletes

20 Apr 2009NASA, NSBRI select 12 proposals to support crew health on missions

18 Feb 2009SCAN: Delivering bone disorder diagnosis, fracture healing

29 Jan 2009Students get weightless testing personal navigation aid for spaceflight

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