Earth Applications

Much of the technology developed by the Smart Medical Systems and Technology Team has direct benefits for health care on Earth. Some of the locations that will benefit from this research include emergency rooms, rural medical facilities, the battlefield and accident scenes. The Teamís research has applications for Earth use in the following ways:
  • Training techniques employed for crew medical officers have relevance for preparing military medics and civilian emergency personnel to respond to emergencies on Earth;
  • Acoustic bone densitometry will allow physicians to monitor osteoporosis patients with highly detailed images and provide ultrasonic treatment that will help accelerate fracture healing;
  • Educational methodologies developed for telemedicine applications on the International Space Station have significant Earth benefits to teach non-expert operators complex medical procedures;
  • Lab-on-a-chip devices will have wide application in clinical medicine where currently bedside analysis is not available; and
  • Technologies developed for trauma diagnosis and response, such as the noninvasive metabolic monitor and high-intensity focused ultrasound, have use for battlefield medical care, in ambulances and hospital emergency rooms.

A novel sensor provides accurate, needle-free measurements of muscle oxygen and pH and red blood cell volume (hematocrit). Lightweight and portable, the sensor will assist emergency and critical care physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients.