Team Executive Summary

Although each NSBRI Science and Technology Team has a different area of focus, they all have the same mission: protect astronaut health. The Sensorimotor Adaptation Team's Executive Summary gives a detailed look at the Team's activities and goals.

The Executive Summary covers the following topics:
  • Background/Scope
  • Goals
  • Support of NASA Needs
  • Deliverables for Spaceflight
  • Cross-links (Collaborations within the team, with other NSBRI teams, and with NASA.)
  • Enabling Capabilities
  • Research Gaps
  • Earth-Based Benefits
Team Goals:
  • Assess how changes in manual and visual function impact the ability to control vehicles;
  • Develop sensorimotor training programs to facilitate adaptation to changes in gravitational environments and examine retention properties of the training;
  • Develop methods for simulating landing disorientation, and train crews to fly through them;
  • Understand how sensorimotor alterations contribute to impaired crew vehicle egress on land or water rafts after long-duration spaceflight; and
  • Develop improved field tests to assess early alterations in gaze, posture and locomotor performance that predict decrement in functional performance related to current and future operational activities and technologies.
Download the complete Team Executive Summary (PDF)