Deliverables for Exploration

The Radiation Effects Team works to define risks and develop practical countermeasures against both the acute and long-term (or so-called “degenerative”) effects of space radiation. Team efforts often include partnerships with other NSBRI science and technology teams.

The Team’s anticipated deliverables for spaceflight include:
• Understanding the mechanisms and pathways of radiation effects on cells, tissues, and complex biological systems;
• Defining health risks from acute radiation exposures such as solar particle events;
• Defining long-term health risks from exposure to galactic cosmic rays; and
• Identifying new medical countermeasures such as dietary supplements and drugs

The microdosimeter instrument consists of small sensors connected to an electronics board, shown here without the casing. Spacesuits integrated with this technology can warn astronauts at the onset of an elevated exposure event, assess risk, and help crews determine safe locations during these periods.