Earth Applications

The research conducted by the Neurobehavioral and Psychosocial Factors Team has applications for health care and many aspects of work environments on Earth. The research has benefits for Earth use in the following ways:
  • For safety-sensitive occupations, workers can benefit from computer-assisted assessment tests and handheld devices for performance readiness;
  • People working in remote locations can benefit from improved training and interventions for psychosocial or emotional conflicts; and
  • Techniques for improved individual and group communication, conflict resolution and monitoring for depression and neurocognitive disorders can be used in various settings - the workplace, military operations, team structures and isolated work environments.

The Virtual Space Station is an interactive multimedia program containing modules to help with management of depression, interpersonal conflict, and stress using cognitive behavioral therapy. The system provides a model that could potentially help many Americans, especially in rural areas where clinical help is often in short supply or nonexistent.