Team Executive Summary

Although each NSBRI Science and Technology Team has a different area of focus, they all have the same mission: protect astronaut health. The Human Factors and Performance Team's Executive Summary gives a detailed look at the Team's activities and goals.

The Executive Summary covers the following topics:
  • Background/Scope
  • Goals
  • Support of NASA Needs
  • Deliverables for Spaceflight
  • Cross-links (Collaborations within the team, with other NSBRI teams, and with NASA.)
  • Enabling Capabilities
  • Research Gaps
  • Earth-Based Benefits
Team Goals:
  • Reduce the risks associated with sub-optimal human-centered design and integration, including issues of habitability, information presentation and task design;
  • Reduce the risks associated with sleep loss, circadian desynchronization, fatigue and workload by characterizing, quantifying and modeling the effects of spaceflight and other mission schedules on sleep and circadian rhythms of both ground and space crews;
  • Reduce the risk of inadequate nutrition and inefficiencies in the food system; and
  • Reduce the risks to health and performance from behavioral and environmental factors.
Download the complete Team Executive Summary (PDF)