Deliverables for Exploration

The Human Factors and Performance Team's research is intended to accelerate progress on countermeasures that reduce the risk of human performance failure and maximize performance capabilities during space exploration.

The anticipated deliverables for spaceflight include:
  • Specific recommendations for the wavelength and intensity of lighting in the crew habitat;
  • Recommendations for light-dark and work-rest schedules for crewmembers;
  • Specified light transmission requirements for visors and windows;
  • Recommended work-rest policies to facilitate alertness and performance during extended-duration missions;
  • A mathematical-modeling tool for individualized evaluation of the impact of actual work-rest/sleep-wake and light-dark schedules on alertness and performance;
  • Development of an integrated human-system model that includes perception, decision making and action in order to quantify and understand the effects of both human and automation errors as they propagate through a control system; and
  • A system for predicting and preventing the deposition of lunar and Mars dust in the lung.

Researchers are studying the combined effects of a highly challenging workload and sleep reductions on performance and sleep need.