Team Executive Summary

Although each NSBRI Science and Technology Team has a different area of focus, they all have the same mission: protect astronaut health. The Cardiovascular Alterations Team's Executive Summary gives a detailed look at the Team's activities and goals.

The Executive Summary covers the following topics:
  • Background/Scope
  • Goals
  • Support of NASA Needs
  • Deliverables for Spaceflight
  • Cross-links (Collaborations within the team, with other NSBRI teams, and with NASA.)
  • Enabling Capabilities 
  • Research Gaps
  • Earth-Based Benefits
Team Goals:
  • Determine whether long-duration spaceflight leads to clinically and physiologically significant changes in cardiac and vascular structure and function;
  • Determine whether long-duration spaceflight causes a real risk for developing cardiac arrhythmias;
  • Establish effective countermeasures to "cardiovascular deconditioning" that will maintain cardiac structure and function, and allow preservation of work thermoregulatory capacity sufficient to meet mission demands;
  • Determine, using animal models, whether the radiation exposure during long-duration spaceflight will injure coronary endothelium and accelerate atherosclerosis; and
  • Determine the optimal strategy of cardiovascular screening to reduce the risk of flying astronauts with pre-existing but subclinical cardiovascular diseases that could become manifest during a prolonged exploration-class mission.
Download the complete Team Executive Summary (PDF)