For the Media

NSBRI's Communications Office is a resource for news organizations and the public. The Office manages NSBRI communications with internal and external stakeholders in a proactive, timely manner, ensuring integrity, credibility and openness.

Contact us for information on NSBRI and to arrange interviews with experts on how long-duration space missions impact the health and well-being of astronauts. Our funded investigators are exploring innovative ways to solve the health challenges of living in space and are developing diagnostic, monitoring and treatment technologies for exploration missions. These research findings will impact medical care both in space and on Earth.

Media Contact:
Ron Gilmore
Director of Science and Education Communications
National Space Biomedical Research Institute
BioScience Research Collaborative
6500 Main Street, Suite 910
Houston, TX 77030-1402
Work: 713-798-7595
Cell: 575-915-5790