Mentored Research Program

NSBRI's Mentored Research Program in Space Life Sciences is conducted jointly at Texas A&M University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. Students in these programs work toward a Ph.D. that focuses on space life sciences. The program is developing modules to strengthen current graduate curricula at these two institutions enabling students to experience advanced courses in biomedical science and engineering, specifically as these fields relate to the space program. Once fully developed, it is anticipated that the educational modules will be applicable to accredited doctoral programs across the nation.

Each year, young scientists from the NSBRI-sponsored Mentored Research Program participate in a 10-week summer enrichment program in Houston. The program includes a week of space life sciences lectures followed by a nine-week assignment in a NASA Johnson Space Center laboratory.

Nikhil Vadhavkar talks about his experiences during his 2012 summer apprenticeship at NASA Johnson Space Center as part of the NSBRI Mentored Research Program in Space Life Sciences.