Senior Scientists, Scientists and Advisors

Senior Scientists

Dorit B. Donoviel, Ph.D. - Deputy Chief Scientist and Industry Forum Lead
Dr. Donoviel oversees the NSBRI's science and technology portfolio and facilitates the integration of NSBRI's research and development program with the NASA Human Research Program by participating on many boards and panels. She leads the NSBRI Industry Forum, interfacing with companies to promote the maturation of technologies and solutions that address the challenges faced in human spaceflight and to transition those discoveries to Earth markets.


Jeff Chancellor - Scientist, Radiation Physics
Jeff Chancellor serves as Scientist, Radiation Physics for NSBRI. Mr. Chancellor is a former Senior Research Engineer with Lockheed Martin at NASA Johnson Space Center, where his research focused on nuclear and radiation physics. His responsibilities at NSBRI include overseeing Radiation Effects Team projects and assisting in the management of the Institute's diverse science and technology portfolios. In addition, he manages NSBRI's Intellectual Property portfolio.

Advisors and Liaisons

Jonathan B. Clark, M.D. - Space Medicine Advisor

A neurologist and former NASA flight surgeon, Dr. Clark works with NSBRI investigators as Space Medicine Advisor to ensure that research knowledge and new technologies and solutions devised to maintain astronaut health and well-being meet the operational needs of NASA's Space Medicine Office. Dr. Clark is a member of the NSBRI User Panel, providing insight and guidance in space medicine issues associated with spaceflight operations. He is a member of the Baylor College of Medicine Center for Space Medicine.

Igor Savelev, Ph.D. - International Liaison
Dr. Savelev, in collaboration with NSBRI leadership and investigators, helps develop and implement high-priority international research and education projects for space exploration. In this capacity, he integrates NSBRI's international programs across disciplines to complement NASA's Human Research Program.